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Sonic Global Supply Corp has over 30 years of experience in procurement and logistics servicing Latin America and the Caribbean. In addition, our proven expertise as purchasing agents allows us to offer a wide range of products worldwide.


Our goal is to make every international purchase both cost-effective and time-efficient. Think of us as your one-stop trading partner in North America

Sonic Global Supply Corp. Committed to Export and International Trade.
  • Plumbing

  • Tile & Flooring

  • Lumber

  • Electrical

  • LEDs & Lighting

  • HVAC

 Buliding Materials
  • Construction Equipment

  • Industrial Tools

  • Pumps & Compressors

  • Safety Equipment

  • Concrete Batch Plants

Industrail Machinery & Parts
  • Kitchen Packages

  • Refrigerators

  • Ranges

  • Small Appliances

  • Deep Freezers

  • Washer & Dryers

My desk setup inspiration _apple macbook
  • Computers

  • Pinters

  • TV's

  • Ink & Toners

  • Severs

  • Monitors

  • Phones


Sonic Global Supply Corp. began its business as an overseas purchasing agent for companies in the Caribbean and Latin America. While still maintaining this status, through repetitious sales, the company has evolved into a specialist supplier to certain industries.


We are now geared to serving a wide range of commercial, agricultural and industrial activities, including building and construction; farming and processing; manufacturing; transportation; computer, office equipment, and supplies; furniture and home accessories.

The Sonic Global Supply team is comprised of an experienced group of professionals who are attuned to the needs of countries in the region. Our sharp negotiating skills ensure the best prices for the product of choice, landed to the complete satisfaction of the customer each time.


Our entire operation, from sourcing to consolidating and shipping, is conducted under one roof - thereby ensuring efficiency, economy, and easy communication with customers and suppliers

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Some of the Brands We Work With


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