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Company History & Objectives

Sonic Global Supply Corp. was created in 2014 by a group of individuals with over 60 years expereance in the industry.  Their goal was to create additional profits by implementing state of the art approach to business while remianing grounded in the core values of the pioneers. for all we serve: manufacturers and customers. We cover our territory with several representatives: Annamarie Hernandez covers Central and South Florida. Celia Roberts covers the Caribbean and brings a wealth of experience in sales, buying, and marketing.

We work closely with our manufacturers to achieve rapid distribution, placement, and promotion of our products. We accomplish this through target account planning, key item promotion, and other market strategies. Many of our manufacturers increase their sales 30% and more in their first year with us.


Another important motive behind our objectives is the type of principals we represent.


Sonic Global Supply Corp. has represented leading manufacturers of furniture, plumbing, heating, commercial, industrial, and municipal-related products for over a decade.


Headquartered in Miami Florida with access to over 20,000 sq. ft. of warehouse. Sonic Global Supply Inc. territory includes the United States from the Canadian border to Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean. Virtual regional sales offices are located throughout some of our territories. Our outside sales force is supported by a staff of inside sales professionas and by several logistics experts.


Sonic Global Supply Inc. strives to provide professional educational accessibility of quality products, timely and reliable service, and the highest level of integrity in serving our wholesale distribution customers and promoting our manufacturer's products to the end user.

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